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Nutcracker Inspired Christmas Tree

Hello and Happy Nutcracker Days,

Whooo! Ha!

Am I having all The Nutcracker moments or what?

Last week, the story opened in the dining room where Clara first meets her beloved Nutcracker.

And this week, we continue with the family’s not-so-literal-Nutcracker-themed Christmas tree.

Nutcracker Inspired Christmas Tree

As the story goes, the family’s Christmas tree is set up in the parlor, which is our modern-day living room. After an evening of festivities, the single Nutcracker, which is a gift to all of the children, is placed under the tree.

This Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree has zero nutcracker ornaments, but shares one little nutcracker and the ballet's story | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

Although the other children ignore it, Clara is hopelessly smitten.

Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree feature ornaments that mimic the Nutcracker's red & gold jacket without being too literal. This living & dining combo shares a little bit nutcracker and a lot of imagination | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

So much so that the Nutcracker turns into a handsome prince and visits Clara in her dreams.

A Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree can tell the story without covering the tree in nutcracker ornaments | See how imagination works magic in this living and dining room combo | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

Well, isn’t that the way it always happens? 

Nutcracker inspiration for Christmas decor spans over 100 years | See how to use the idea without covering the tree in Nutcracker ornaments | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

But before these two go off on a dancing adventure in Act 2, let’s take a couple of extra peeks at the tree.

The Not-So-Literal

Nutcracker Inspired Christmas Tree

Surprisingly, the tree is sparsely decorated in almost 100% red.

Are you surprised this Nutcracker inspired Christmas Tree is sparsely decorated and has zero Nutcrackers | Stop by the blog to see how it all comes together | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

In the inspiration photo, the Nutcracker’s coat is red with gold trim so I pretty much stuck to this color wave.

Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree photo that started it all | See the living & dining combo on the blog today | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

And with so much going on in the dining room, I felt that the adjacent areas needed a softer touch.

Music is one of the foundations of Christmas | See how the Nutcracker ballet inspires a living and dining room combo | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

So the not-so-literal-Nutcracker-inspired tree is supported by gifts and music, much like in the dining room hutch.


Well, no worries. If you haven’t seen the dining room post, I’ll add a link at the bottom.

This year, the Nutcracker ballet is over 120 years old | See how this masterpiece inspires fresh ideas in a living and dining room combo | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

A truly vintage music score is still missing in action so this piece is filling in while I keep looking. Extra points if you can identify what it is… 🙂

Music around the Christmas tree is an age-old tradition | A not-so-literal nutcracker inspired Christmas Tree is on the blog | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

And so, against the white wall (Clara’s dress), we have a super-simple tree adored with red balls (some with gold trim like the Nutcracker’s jacket).  Bells, berries and bows fill in empty spaces.

Nutcracker inspired does not have to mean Nutcracker overload | See how to use the theme in a fresh and not-so-literal way | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

The black tablecloth and gold accessories from the dining room repeat in the piano and mirror as does the leopard print on some ornaments and the piano bench cover.

A nutcracker inspired Christmas Tree is fresh and colorful but not too literal | See how the tree works in a living and dining room combo | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

These are touches that may go unnoticed, but really help create a cohesive look when moving from room-to-room.

This year's Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree is a venture in imagination | See how the tree comes together without being so literal on the blog | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

In the evening, the warm-colored lights create a cozy and inviting glow.

An evening glow from a traditional Christmas Tree is the perfect setting for a family gathering | Nutcracker inspired in red, gold, black and white | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

See how festive it looks from the dining room?

Hello Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree | We see you in red, gold, white and black | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

To me, later in the evening is when the decor really looks best and the most vintage. If there’s a ProTip to be made in this post, it has to be that warm lights help create a vintage look more easily than cool-toned or white lights. At least it is true for this scenario.

A nearly all red Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree is a vision for the eyes and a treat for the soul | Visit the blog for a living and dining room Nutcracker inspired combo | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

With the living room and dining room decorated, I am almost channeling the entire First Act in my not-so-literal-Nutcracker-themed head. 

I know! Can you see it, too?

Christmas by candlelight is the best way to celebrate | The living and dining rooms come together with a Nutcracker inspired theme | See how imagination brings the idea to life on the blog | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

If you’d like to see the details of where it all started AKA the tablescape post, please click here.

The Nutcracker inspired tablescape is a unique take on a traditional theme | See all the details on the blog | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

Otherwise, thank you so much for joining me on the Nutcracker inspired Christmas tree tour.

Please, remember to pin all of your favorite photos.

Nutcracker inspired Christmas Tree doesn't have to mean a tree covered in Nutcracker ornaments | See how the spirit of the ballet comes to life using the imagination | | #nutcracker #nutcrackerinspiredchristmastree #christmastree

And as always, it’s a pleasure to have you stop by.



  • Reply Melanie Hammond December 13, 2020 at 8:50 am

    Stunning!!!! I love it!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!

    • Reply theChelseaProject December 13, 2020 at 10:54 am

      Hey Mel…and thanks. Love you.

  • Reply Nancy December 13, 2020 at 8:53 am

    Pretty! I love the wrapping paper by the tree! Instead of looking like you didn’t put things away it looks like it belongs with the festivities of Christmas!

    • Reply theChelseaProject December 13, 2020 at 10:54 am

      Thanks Nancy!! Wait…what?? Did I leave the wrapping paper out?? You caught me…. LOL…. XOXO Thanks for stopping by.

  • Reply Marie B December 13, 2020 at 10:05 am

    I ditto what Nancy said, she put to words what I was thinking in my head. Very pretty!

    • Reply theChelseaProject December 13, 2020 at 10:52 am

      Hi Marie! The wrapping paper…. I hope it looks vintage. It was super hard to find. So glad to read that y’all noticed and it made a positive impact in the overall look. Thanks for stopping by!! XOXO

  • Reply Lisa December 13, 2020 at 10:16 am

    I love both the living and dining rooms! Great job!

    • Reply theChelseaProject December 13, 2020 at 10:50 am

      Hi Lisa…Thanks so much!

  • Reply whileilinger December 13, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    Everything looks absolutely lovely. I have nutcrackers from our time in Germany but don’t use them often. I will be pinning this for next year. Also, I love the idea of using wrapping paper rolls as part of the decoration! Clever.

    • Reply theChelseaProject December 14, 2020 at 9:42 am

      Awwww thanks. I’m so glad the idea can help you enjoy nutcrackers. Looking forward to seeing the photos on IG… Merry Christmas, sweet friend.

  • Reply Susanne December 13, 2020 at 7:24 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m loving following along with the story of the Nutcracker as much as I am seeing your beautiful Christmas decor.

    • Reply theChelseaProject December 14, 2020 at 9:48 am

      Thanks Susanne. I have truly enjoyed playing the music while putting the rooms together. It has been a wonderful escape for the imagination during this crazy year.

    • Reply Cristina December 14, 2020 at 11:10 am

      What a marvelous Christmas tree! ❤️ I love the story, the pretty pictures and how festive and warm it all looks. I’m already waiting for the next act!

      • Reply theChelseaProject December 14, 2020 at 8:07 pm

        Thanks so much, Cristina. I hope I can get it done in time.

    Thanks so much for your comment!

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