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Snowy Glam Dining Room Christmas Tour

Dining Room Christmas ….of the snowy glam kind. Yes, it must be 80 degrees outside and I’m in the dining room trying to create a snow storm. 🙂 I’m serious. In my mind’s eye, I can clearly see a real Christmas-sized Narnia moment happening…

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How to Create a Snowy Glam Christmas Tree

Snowy glam Christmas tree. I know what you’re thinking. How on earth can a “snowy” Christmas tree be created from a deep-green tree without using a single flock? Turns out, it’s really easy. And today’s post spills all of the easy, snowy-glam secrets.…

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Dining Room Makeover Reveal

Hello Friends, Welcome to the final week of the One Room Challenge! Yes! It is Week 7 and we are at the finish line! After what seems like a DIY eternity, the dining room is finally done and reveal time is here! I do…

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How to Paint Faux Antique Brass Hardware

Hello Friends, I always love Week 5 of the One Room Challenge because rooms are finally coming together. In fact, my room is completely finished and truthfully, I’m having a really hard time holding back a little sneak peek. So it’s great to get my…

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Dining Room Makeover Plans

Hello Friends, If you like traditional decor that is peppered with chinoiserie, vintage, modern, and a touch of French, you’ve come to the right place. And if you like outdated rooms that are practically gutted and totally refreshed using fabric, paint, and a boatload…

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How to Easily Gold Gild Using Liquid Leaf

Hello Friends, Liquid Leaf is my new BFF. I know! It’s so out of my norm, but let me tell you what happened. See the pink, gold (via Liquid Leaf), and distressed finish on this book? It’s what I call “a happy accident.”…