Milk paint plus a matte topcoat weather proofs this outdoor swing | #sponsored HomeRight | The Chelsea Project |
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Spray Paint Furniture the Easy Way

If you recall, last week the outdoor porch swing was refinished with milk paint. And although milk paint is tough and will create a rock hard finish on the wood, I still felt that it needed sealing with a weather proofing topcoat. This is mainly…

Fall gourds | The Chelsea Project |
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October Begins with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, Happy October.   Did you hear that NASA discovered something or other out in space and it changed the alignment of the birthday stars? It’s true.  I’m not a big astrology fan, but found it odd that one day October birthdays are…

Outdoor Porch Swing Makeover | #sponsored Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company | The Chelsea Project |
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Outdoor Porch Swing Makeover with Milk Paint

Hello Friends, I don’t know about where you live, but around here, we love September through November.  The long, sunny days are milder in temperature, but much, much less humid.  These are absolutely perfect conditions for outdoor painting.  And wouldn’t you know?  I just…

Sunflowers in September | The Chelsea Project |
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Sunflowers and Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, Earlier in the week, there was a discussion over on Instagram about how long sunflowers should be used in fall decor.  What do you think?  Do you have a cut-off date or do you think they can be used all the way…

Easy DIY slipcover made from a vintage quilt | The Chelsea Project |
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Cozy Farmhouse Cottage Ottoman Slipcover

Hello Friends, Remember the post from a few weeks ago where I painted a fabric ottoman?  And the first attempt was a total flop? Then I managed to rework my strategy and the ottoman ended up being…welllll…. totally awesome?  πŸ™‚ Well, welcome to round…

Crystal glasses add an elegant touch to the rustic tablescape | Fall Tablescape Out by the Fire | The Chelsea Project |
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Fall Tablescape Out By the Fire

Hello Friends, Welcome to the 2016 Fall Ideas Tour. This is a series of posts where 28 bloggers come together to share new and unique ideas for home fall decor.  The group was selectively gathered because each blogger has her own home, budget, and…