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Cozy Christmas Out By the Fire

Hello Friends, Christmas is here!  Well, not really, but the long awaited outdoor home tour is!  ðŸ™‚ Welcome to the 2016 “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Christmas Home Tour.  This post will feature an array of talented bloggers going live on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday…

The first day of Christmas | The Chelsea Project |
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The First Day of Christmas with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, How is Christmas looking around your house? Is it just beginning or are you in full swing? We have touches of Christmas here and there, but in the South, we enjoy an extended Fall.  This means that the leaves are spectacular during…

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Black Friday Shopping with Frugal Mommas

Happy Black Friday Friends, It’s hard to believe that we are now in a countdown to Christmas!  And I just heard on the news that about 25% of shoppers will make the majority of their purchases online.  If you are an online shopper, Frugal…

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Easy Build Table with Holiday Stencil

Hello Friends, Welcome to the November edition of DIY Furniture Girls.   This month’s theme is “Words,”  which means that we were challenged to refinish a piece of furniture and incorporate words in some way. So if you ever wondered how to build a…

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HomeRight Giveaway and Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, A gentle reminder that the GIVEAWAY for three HomeRight Paint Sprayer products is now closed.  Please also be reminded that a Wine Cooler or Beverage Refrig (your choice – $800 value) GIVEAWAY is open until 11-30-2016.  Click here to enter the Refrig…

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The Day My Swing Wore a Raincoat

As a blogger, one of my favorite things in the world is reviewing a product. Whether it’s new or old, as long as it’s new to me, I love taking it out for a test drive. So when the good folks at HomeRight offered…

Furniture Makeovers

Vintage Frame Makeover You Won’t Believe

Hello Friends, November is going to be a fun month for makeovers and GIVEAWAYS.  A chance for you to WIN HomeRight painting products ($180 value) is coming on November 10. And a chance for you to WIN a wine cooler refrigerator ($800 value) is coming later in…

Scrap wood and paint combine to make rustic holiday lanterns | DIY Holiday Lanterns | #sponsored Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company | The Chelsea Project |
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DIY Rustic Holiday Lantern

Hello Friends, Ever heard the old joke about the time a pile of scrap lumber, 16 wood screws, and a bottle of glue walk into a workshop? Well…..ok.   They didn’t actually WALK into the workshop. But while they were gathered there, something wonderful…