Antique pump surrounded by indoor foliage | The Chelsea Project |
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MidSummer with Frugal Mommas

Over the past weeks, I have received bookoos of questions about where I get the photos I post on Frugal Mommas.  As amazing as it sounds, I do take every single photo myself.  And I’ve learned that photographing flowers is my absolute favorite.  Then,…

Secret to Great Summer Corn | The corn needs to be worked quickly whether whole kernel or creamed | The Chelsea Project |

Secret to Great Summer Corn

Secret? I have one…… that I can’t wait to share. It’s the secret that my mom taught me about how to process fresh corn from the garden….or in my case…..from the market. It’s really easy.  I promise. Whether you’re taking corn to the freezer…

Indoor/Outdoor Floorcloth Made with Fabric | Outdoor fabric works great with an outdoor backing to drop color on the floor | The Chelsea Project |
Fabric Garden Home decor

How to Make a Floorcloth with Fabric

Floorcloth ????  What on earth is that? These are questions I heard from my family as tarps and fabric were sprawled from the front door to the dining room.  But what they didn’t know is that the madness had a method.  🙂 And the…

July Food & Fun 2016 | The Chelsea Project |
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July 4th Food & Fun….and a sneak peek

Happy July 4th Friends, Hope you have a happy and safe weekend. Meanwhile, for friends who are following for the furniture features, please take heart. The refinishing will get underway again in July. It’s just been too hot and humid to work in the…