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As part of my sunroom makeover, I simply updated the existing furniture by adding slipcovers to some outdated cushions.

One-Hour No-Sew Slip Covers

One-Hour No-sew Slipcovers - Outdated cushions are refreshed with new fabric.

It’s true.  Over the years, I had collected a stash in the top of the closet.

One-hour No-sew Slipcovers - Seat cushions are easily refreshed using a sew or no-sew slipcover.

And, while it may have taken several years to collect the outdated cushions, making a slipcover for each cushion only took about an hour…..or less.

One-hour No-sew Slipcover - Fabric plus Velcro make a fast and easy slipcover.

And, if you’ve ever put a letter in an envelope or a pillow in a pillowcase, you can do it, too.

How to Make Slip Covers

Here’s the breakdown:

Visually just think about how a pillowcase is put together.

One-hour No-sew Slipcover - An easy slipcover looks like a sack.

It just looks like a sack.  And, so will ours, but with Velcro tabs in the center of the open end.  ***Make sure to buy the Velcro with the sticky back.***

Then, lay out your fabric and measure the width of the pillow from the center of the side to the center of the side….of the cushion.  Please, don’t measure the just width of the cushion.  Wrap the measuring tape to the center of the sides of the cushion.  Note this number and add one more inch.  The extra inch will allow for a 1/2 inch seam on each side.  The seam allowance will be the same whether the seam is sewn or if the iron-on binder is used.  Face the right sides together, place the binder strip between them, and iron the pieces together.  The pieces can also be sewn together.

One-hour No-sew Slipcover - Accurate measuring is key to making a slipcover that fits.

Now, from front to back.  I placed my cushion on the fabric so that the fabric wrapped over the front of the cushion.  This way, there is no seam.  The only seams are on the sides.  But, I had to make sure that there was ample fabric to tuck and fold under the cushion at the back.  How many inches you want to leave is up to you, but I wrapped the fabric under the cushion so that anyone sitting on the cushion was not placing stress on the Velcro.  They would, instead, be pressing the Velcro together.

One-hour No-sew Slipcover - Insert cushion front first and close the slipcover at the back.

So, after the side seams are fused together, turn the case inside out and insert the pillow into the case (front first).  Then, a series of tucks will begin.

One-hour No-sew Slipcover - Cushions will look like they've been dropped into an oversized sack.

I actually stuffed the pillow down into the case, made the tucks, and then added the Velcro.  This way, I knew that the Velcro had the correct placement.  I opened up this pillow just to illustrate how the Velcro was placed.One-hour No-Sew Slipcovers - For a successful cover, it's all about the folds.

But, let’s begin with the first tuck.  Fold the fabric down and across the back of the cushion.

One-hour No-sew Slipcover - The first fold tucks the fabric in and across the back of the cushion.

Then fold in the sides to make a “V”…….the fabric should look like the top of an envelope.

One-hour No-sew Slipcover - The next fold creates a

Then, pull the “V” up and across the cushion to check for placement.  Add the Velcro and then stick the two pieces together.

One-hour No-sew Slipcovers - The final tuck, attach the two pieces of Velcro together.

Flip the cushion over and insert the cushion into the chair.

One-hour No-sew Slipcovers - Flip the cushion over and place into the chair.

And, there you have it.  A one-hour, no-sew slipcover for a cushion or pillow.

One-hour No-sew Slipcovers - Make sure the fabric you choose will adhere to iron-on binder and sticky-back Velcro.

The only caution is to make sure that the iron-on binder and sticky Velcro will adhere to the fabric you choose.  I found that it did great for the houndstooth fabric, but would not adhere to the faux cowhide.  In this instance, I had to sew the seams together.

Thank you for joining me for this little one-hour project.  It is always a joy to share ideas with you.

Please, let me know if you have questions or comments. And please…


Seat AKA slip covers can be made in about one hour or less. This post shows you how. | #slipcovers #seatcovers |

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  • Reply Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home} November 3, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    I love anything that’s no-sew! Really, I cannot sew to save my life, so this is great for people like me! Your sunroom looks so pulled together. xoKathleen

    • Reply thechelseaprojectblog November 3, 2015 at 7:27 pm

      Thanks, Kathleen. But, I am still toiling away in the sunroom. I still have 7 pieces of furniture to refinish!! Yowza!! Trying to get one piece completed every day, but the rain is slowing me down. Hope you’ll visit again for the final reveal. XOXOXO. SUZ

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  • Reply atkokosplace November 3, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    I like the colors in your sunroom. It looks so cozy! Well done. 🙂

    • Reply thechelseaprojectblog November 3, 2015 at 10:50 pm

      Thanks so much! I’m already loving the space, but have 7 more pieces of furniture to refinish for that room. Just finished the coffee table and one chair today. I’ll post a final when these lighter pieces are all included. Would love your impression. Thanks again.

      • Reply atkokosplace November 4, 2015 at 12:47 am

        Yes, I will definitely check it out! 🙂

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