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How to Personalize a Bookcase with Accessories

How to accessorize a bookcase with personal items | The Chelsea Project Blog | www.thechelseaproject.com

Hello and Welcome to Round Three

of the Boy’s Room Redo Series.

In Round Two, this floating bookcase was built and finished 

…… making Round Three

all about the accessories.

Truth be told, in preparing for this segment,

I poured over page after page of fabulous rooms looking for inspiration.

At the end, I found myself empty-handed,

completely distressed,


totally channeling

……my inner Goldilocks.

… fabled queen of options struggle.

Yea, girl….

…..I feel your pain.

 The notion of spending a boatload load of money

to fill a bookcase that very few people would ever even see….

wasn’t just too hot….or too cold

..it was completely unreasonable.

Still, I wanted the accessories to be jussst right.

Finally, I had to just throw caution to the wind and let instinct be my guide.

Somehow, in all of the “decorating” hoopla, I had lost sight of the goals.

 All I needed to do was collect items that,

when taken separately,

might not make much sense.

But, when strung together,

would tell a story


 a boy and his grown-up life.


That said, let’s go shopping.

First stop, the garage.

Among other things, G is an avid mountain biker.  

And, I don’t mean that he enjoys gentle strolls along a stream.  

Oh. no.  

With him, it’s a no-holes-barred, rock rolling, root scuffing, cliff jumping wild ride

on trails I can barely hike….

…much less ride

...at warp speed.

This means that bikes are regularly taken apart…

and upgraded with replacement gears

…..and other good “stuff.”


Same for the roadie.


 When that boy is home, at least 6 to 8 bikes crowd the garage….


…the cars…….

…you guessed it…

…are stuck

…..in the driveway.

Well, all except the red one…

IMG_0420..an 85 year-old fire department car

that was his grandfather’s toy when he was a boy.

On another shelf is a flag…..


… from the other grandfather.

And, a must include pic (sorry..no digital back then)


…on his very first bike.


Then add books, books, and more books….


….along with some IKEA storage units.


And, there you have it.


An easy and affordable personalized bookcase….

filled with simple, yet special things,

strung together to

tell the story

of a boy

and his grown-up life.


Don’t forget to PIN……….


I hope you can join me for Round Four….How to Make Monogrammed Artwork from Wood

Until next time…

Happy decorating,


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  • Reply Nancy January 20, 2015 at 2:22 am

    Just love the story of his growing up included on the shelves! So appropriate withe books! Everything telling a story!!

  • Reply Gail574 January 24, 2015 at 4:12 am

    Love the bookcase & all the unique things you have on the shelves. And I love, love, love the picture of G!!! Such a cutie!!!

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