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How to Make: $3.00 Linen Tablerunner – $4.00 Flower Arrangement

Ordinarily, linen is expensive, wrinkly, and tough to work with on a no-sew project.

But, not this time.

I found three oversized Ralph Lauren linen napkins for $1.00 each.


Just lay the napkins end-to-end.

I didn’t stitch anything in case I wanted to use the napkins in a different way another time.


Add your dinnerware and centerpiece.

And..that’s it.

One $3.00 linen table runner.


The spring flower arrangement is a simple oversized stem from Michael’s….

half-priced plus coupon. 🙂

I sheared it down by bending the stem over and tying it

with a rubber band.


This way….if I want to use the flowers in another way…

they are still attached as the original stem.


Then….stuff wads of stiff paper around the stem inside the pot.

No….no special foam or glue required.


Last step…..cover the paper with moss…

What kind?

Your choice.

For this project, I liked the brown better than the brighter green.

Then place the flowers on the table with whatever other items you choose.


For Spring and Easter…just use what you have and add pops of color.


For this centerpiece, texture…not color… is the driving ingredient.

Sometimes more organic is a nice change of pace.


And..when the holiday ends….the napkins and the flowers can be used in another way…

…I love the ability to just put them away..

and call them out again

for my next idea.



Until next time,

Happy tablescaping,


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  • Reply Beverly Roderick March 9, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Very pretty. I love the look of the place mats as a runner. Lovely tablescape! Thank you for sharing on the Spring Craft Blog Hop.

  • Thanks so much for your comment!

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