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End Table Makeover in Natural Finishing Oil

Hello Friends,

Can you believe this vintage end table is wearing nothing but a finishing oil?

It’s true!

And today’s post shares all the super-easy details.

End Table Makeover in Natural Finishing Oil

If somebody would had told me I’d become such a stain-and-seal fan, I wouldn’t have believed it. But this is my third piece and I’m absolutely loving the product and the look.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Fusion Mineral Paint, but all projects and opinions are 100% my own.

BEFORE: Vintage end table made by Lane | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

This makeover starts with an end table that is about 45 years old, made of solid wood (althought not all the same wood), has sleek lines and rock-solid joints. The stamp on the underside says it was made by Lane. Remember this company from way back when? Turns out, they are still around. Amazing….after all these years, but I found them online. So a big shout-out to Lane.

Anyhoo, this little table seemed totally perfect for the basement TV viewing area. 

BEFORE: Modern lines and solid wood make this end table makeover exciting | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

And, it was in great shape until the great water debaucal of 2018. When the AC broke and water soaked the basement floor, water wicked up the legs and stained the finish, but didn’t really hurt the wood. I didn’t even turn the damage in to  the insurance. I know! I probably should have, but y’all, I just knew……I can fix that.

Before: Water damage on legs of the end table | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

End Table Makeover in Natural Finishing Oil

Step One: Clean

As with any makeover, the first step is always to clean every square inch of the piece with a cleaner/degreaser. I like to use Simple Green or a TSP-like product made by Fusion Mineral Paint. The Fusion product is so ecofriendly, it doesn’t even need to be fully rinsed off. I’ll add a link in the resources if you’d like to read more about the Fusion product. Simple Green is also really good and available everywhere, including Amazon.

Step Two: Sand

After the piece is thoroughly dry, it’s time to sand off the old finish. And here’s the good news. With this table, sanding was pretty simple. I used the hand sander (80-grit) on the flat sections and the smaller Mouse sander (80-120 grit) on the smaller sections. For the legs, sandpaper (120-grit) was wrapped around the legs and sanded with the curve.

During: Sanding away the old finish is easy with a #ryobi handsander and #diablo sanding pads | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

And here is the table completely sanded to raw wood. I wasn’t expecting the super-light wood around the edges. What a fabulous surprise. This is when I knew, absolutely no stain…only sealer for this little gal.

Raw wood goodness after the old finish is sanded away | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

But before moving on, let’s chat more about sanding techniques. I share in detail about sanding to prepare for paint and to prepare for stain on this  buffet server makeover.

Buffet refinished in black paint and One-Step Stain and Seal | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

And more sanding tips follow for the dining set makeover. I do suggest to read both posts (they are short) because each post addresses how to prep wood for a stain and seal product when dealing with different woods, the original finishes and shapes of pieces.

Dining Set refinished in One-Step Stain and Seal | Wall unit refinished in chalk-type paint, glaze and wax | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

Step Three: Stain and Seal

The product used on the end table is the same as the product on the buffet and dining set except that the color is Natural, which makes this more of a sealer and a little less of a stain and sealer. And just for clarity, Homestead House is the parent company of Fusion Mineral Paint, so even though the labels are different, it is the same product line.

Stain and Finishing Oil in one step | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

Apply Stain and Finishing Oil

  • The Finishing Oil is easily applied using a throw away chip brush.

  • Apply one thin coat so that the wood is well-covered, but not so much so that the oil pools or runs.

  • Wait 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe back the oil using a clean, soft cloth.

After: End table makeover using a One-step sealer | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

Exercise Patience

  • Then I left the piece to dry overnight.

  • The next day, the piece was gently buffed with a piece of steel wool and wiped down with a clean, soft cloth.

  • Then a second coat of Finishing Oil was applied. 

  • After 5 minutes, the application was wiped back using a clean, soft cloth.

  • Wiping the piece helps to marry the oil to the wood and enriches the finish.

After: This One-Step sealer is an oil that penetrates the wood to seal and protect | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

One thing worth noting is that the final finish isn’t totally clear. It’s slightly yellow. So do be aware of this if you are looking to seal your piece without any stain color at all. I was kind of sad to lose the white wood around the edges, but was so happy with the overall finish (look and durability) that I didn’t worry about the slightly yellow tint.

End table makeover using a wood penetrating finishing oil | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

Step Four: Dry Time

It takes about 72 hours for the Finishing Oil to fully dry. I set my table aside for several days and let it dry and then cure. It will have heavy use in the basement so I wanted the tough seal in place before the guys started using it. And note, this sealer does not sit on top of the wood to form a barrier, it penetrates the wood to seal. This makes the overall look very natural and organic.

End table makeover using a finishing oil in a natural color | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers |

And that’s really all there is to it. 

As the TV room nears completion, this table will be staged for photos with the room reveal. I’ll swing back and add a fully staged photo later this Fall.

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An end table makeover using a one-step finishing oil that penetrates raw wood to seal and protect | #endtablemakeover #spon #fusionmineralpaint #furnituremakeovers | 
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  • Reply Patsy August 7, 2019 at 1:30 am

    Looks nice,,,glad to stayed with the natural wood. If a person were wanting to seal a piece without any stain color at all, what would one use? thanks,,,

  • Reply Marie August 7, 2019 at 9:18 am

    I just bought a can of Fusion Stain & Finishing Oil and haven’t used it yet. Nice to see it in action here. Great tutorial!

    • Reply theChelseaProject August 7, 2019 at 9:18 pm

      Thanks Marie. The Dining Set and the front of the buffet are also SFO in the color Cappucino. Can’t wait ot see your piece.

  • Reply Denise - Salvaged Inspirations August 11, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    This wood end table looks so rich now! I’m loving your ALL your wood finishes… especially that buffet! Pinned XO

    • Reply theChelseaProject September 18, 2019 at 8:46 am

      Thanks so much, Denise! I promised myself to save as much wood as I could. So happy this little table was so easy to refinish.

  • Reply cristina August 20, 2019 at 11:45 am

    Love the rich, organic tone you gave that pretty table. It highlights nicely the beautiful dual tone.

    • Reply theChelseaProject September 18, 2019 at 8:47 am

      Thanks so much, Cristina. Today’s products make refinishing to the wood so easy. So why did I wait so long? LOL…

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