eCourse Review: Blueprint for Beginning Bloggers

When I first read Blueprint for Beginning Bloggers, I had been blogging for about two months. At that point, I had enough experience to basically know what I needed to know, so to speak, but not so much that I was beyond the information that could be garnered from a book about the early learning curve. Because of this, the connection with BBB was very timely.

About BBB: Blueprint for Beginning Bloggers is divided into four modules. The first is like taking a miniature marketing 101 class. It talks about messaging and purpose, the audience, and how to launch, grow, and improve the blog. The second module is all about content, including how to get started with audio, video, and PDF files. There is also a small segment on how to take better photographs. The third module explains the bazillion ways to connect with your target audience through social media. And, the fourth module introduces the basic concepts necessary to turn a blog into a business.

How It Helped: BBB helped me: (1) confirm that I was on the right track and (2) to identify ways to strengthen the blog prior to making the next set of major upgrades. Although, I had been reading and compiling notes for months and months, you never know what you’ve overlooked until it’s (sometimes) too late. Having this self-paced “blueprint” on how to implement the blog relieved a good deal of stress. It also helped me rethink the process, define a social media strategy, and list goals. Now, I am moving forward with a better plan.

About the Author: Since 2002, JoAnne Greco, has developed and sold numerous blogs. But, perhaps why she wrote Blueprint for Beginning Bloggers is best explained in her own words. “I’ve been blogging for ten years. Over the last 3-4 years, fellow bloggers have encouraged me to put a blogging course together. I wanted to find a way to help others find their voice and spread their message through blogging, so, in 2014, I created BBB as a three-week email course. A few months later, I wanted to expand it and knew it would outgrow the email format, so in January of 2015, I relaunched it as a paid membership site. My plan is to continually add more material to it and all members get free lifetime updates.”

How to Connect with BBB: For more information, please connect with the BBB link here.

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Blueprint for Beginning Bloggers eCourse Review


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