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Living Room Makeover Plans: Modern Traditional

Hello Friends, Living room (s), especially traditionals, can break out of the ordinary by adding fresh color and texture to standard traditional furnishings. And you can see how vintage, chinoiserie, modern and boho combine to create a relaxed, eclectic mix in the One Room Challenge…

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Dining Room Makeover Reveal

Hello Friends, Welcome to the final week of the One Room Challenge! Yes! It is Week 7 and we are at the finish line! After what seems like a DIY eternity, the dining room is finally done and reveal time is here! I do…

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How to Easily Paint Super Slick Surfaces

Hello Friends, Ordinarily, full room reveals for the One Room Challenge occur during Week 6. However, due to the West Coast fires and the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, the hosts have graciously extended the challenge an extra week. We are so thankful to…

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How to Paint Dining Room Furniture

Hello Friends, Can you believe it’s already Week 4 of the One Room Challenge? I know! It’s totally crazy! And this week is one of my very favorite weeks because it’s all about furniture makeovers.  First know that I kept all of the pieces that…