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15+ Unique Christmas Tree Containers

Hello Friends, Christmas tree containers, collars and skirts don’t have to be boring or difficult. Turns out, we can easily create some awesome coverings with items hanging around the house. This post shares a combo of easy DIY and drop-the-tree-in-and-go options. Simply click through…

Home decor

Christmas Home Tour 2018

Hello Friends, It’s Christmas Home Tour time and more than 20 bloggers are sharing different rooms and styles. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s go see.…

Home decor

Hot Pink and Gold Christmas Trees

Hello Friends, It’s Christmas tree time! And today’s post features twin trees in hot pink and gold, a speciality lighting idea and a terrific list of bloggers with links for even more decor ideas.…

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Let’s Go Christmas Shopping – Online!

Hello Friends, Online Christmas shopping is my go-to, low-stress way to find what I need at the price I want. If you’re an online shopper, here are a few shops operated by some of my trusty blogger friends. Each shop is included because of…