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Hot Pink and Gold Christmas Trees

Hello Friends, It’s Christmas tree time! And today’s post features twin trees in hot pink and gold, a speciality lighting idea and a terrific list of bloggers with links for even more decor ideas.…

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Let’s Go Christmas Shopping – Online!

Hello Friends, Online Christmas shopping is my go-to, low-stress way to find what I need at the price I want. If you’re an online shopper, here are a few shops operated by some of my trusty blogger friends. Each shop is included because of…

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DIY Slipcover Basics

Slipcovers. Without a doubt, slipcovers are one of the hottest design trends going. And why not? Slipcovers are super easy to change and even easier to clean. But what about DIYing a slipcover? Well, I hadn’t really thought about it until I wanted to use…