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Dining Room Makeover Plans

Hello Friends, If you like traditional decor that is peppered with chinoiserie, vintage, modern, and a touch of French, you’ve come to the right place. And if you like outdated rooms that are practically gutted and totally refreshed using fabric, paint, and a boatload…

Furniture Makeovers

Table Makeover Using Fusion Metallic Paint

Hello Friends, Ready to hear about the strangest makeover in the history of ever? That’s right. This post is about how a little console table went from super traditional mahogany to trendy metallic in one rainy day afternoon. Well, maybe a little more than…

Furniture Makeovers

Stationary Bar Makeover Using Paint and Wax

Hello Friends, Welcome to the second furniture makeover for the dining room. If you recall, all of these makeovers are leading to the Fall One Room Challenge that begins posting in October. At this point, the dining room is gutted. And yea, I’m trying…

Furniture Makeovers

How to Make An Old Wicker Chair New Again

Hello Friends, Sometimes it seems like my whole house got put together and then left in the 1990s. I mean, seriously, how did this happen? One minute, everything is the latest style —and the next minute —-not so much. But here’s the good news…