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Furniture Makeovers

Furniture Makeovers

Vintage Frame Makeover You Won’t Believe

Hello Friends, Are you ready to see how I made an “old vintage frame” look like an “old vintage frame?” ……Just in a different color. First, let me start with a little background.  The painting is about 35+ years old (ok…technically not vintage…but close) and…

Milk paint plus a matte topcoat weather proofs this outdoor swing | #sponsored HomeRight | The Chelsea Project |
Furniture Makeovers Garden

Spray Paint Furniture the Easy Way

If you recall, last week the outdoor porch swing was refinished with milk paint. And although milk paint is tough and will create a rock hard finish on the wood, I still felt that it needed sealing with a weather proofing topcoat. This is mainly…

Outdoor Porch Swing Makeover | #sponsored Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company | The Chelsea Project |
Furniture Makeovers Garden

Outdoor Porch Swing Makeover with Milk Paint

Hello Friends, I don’t know about where you live, but around here, we love September through November.  The long, sunny days are milder in temperature, but much, much less humid.  These are absolutely perfect conditions for outdoor painting.  And wouldn’t you know?  I just…

Easy DIY slipcover made from a vintage quilt | The Chelsea Project |
Furniture Makeovers

Cozy Farmhouse Cottage Ottoman Slipcover

Hello Friends, Remember the post from a few weeks ago where I painted a fabric ottoman?  And the first attempt was a total flop? Then I managed to rework my strategy and the ottoman ended up being…welllll…. totally awesome?  πŸ™‚ Well, welcome to round…

Avoid some of the pitfalls when painting fabric | #sponsored HomeRight | The Chelsea Project |
Furniture Makeovers

How to Fix a Painted Fabric Flop

Hello Friends, This summer, I finally had to face it. Yep, I finally faced the fact that all of the outdated fabrics in my home weren’t going anywhere…. and it was time for action. The truth is I had seen various techniques for painting…

Vintage clocks layered on top of vintage books | 10 Minute Side Table Makeover | The Chelsea Project |
Furniture Makeovers Home decor

10 Minute Side Table Makeover

Hello Friends, Well, I almost didn’t participate in this month’s DIY Furniture Girls.  I mean, I already had more on my plate than I could say grace over. And this month’s theme was to create my version of a popular retail piece.  The name…