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Spring Home Tour 2017 | Photo by Shabbyfufu
Frugal Living

Spring Decorating + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, I’m kinda thrilled —and shocked —to be telling you this, but I’m almost at the finish line! What I mean by this is the reason you haven’t heard much from me lately is that I’ve been busy giving the great room (AKA…

Cherry blossoms in the Spring | The Chelsea Project |
Frugal Living Home decor

Spring Home Tours + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, The cherry blossoms you see here are how the trees in my front yard look from top to bottom. They are totally filled with these glorious blooms. When the cherry trees and forsythia bushes are in bloom, we know that Spring has…

Green Kitchen by interior decorator Kate Rheinsten Brodksy | The Chelsea Project |
Frugal Living

Chic Yet Practical Decor + Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, Spring came early in the South.  And with this, room refreshes and renovations are in full swing ahead of schedule. Four painters were here 3 full days a couple of weeks ago. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have…

Frugal Living

Color Me Bold with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, Greetings from the land of bright and bold color. Ordinarily, I snap the photos that are posted on this blog, but I just had to show you these because well…..just look at the color! Isn’t it amazing? It’s very close to the…

Frugal Living

Spring Has Sprung With Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, I am really sad that I missed last week’s linky. A thousand apologies to you and to the Frugal’s Team. But this week, I am regrouping and have almost gotten this vicious flu behind me. Let’s look and see what Kelli and…

Frugal Living

Closing Out January with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, A thousand apologies for this post arriving late. I just missed it. Pure and simple. In other news, today I was at Trader Joe’s and just couldn’t help taking a few photos of these colorful flowers. Their presence was nothing less than…

Frugal Living

Back to Work with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, After two full weeks of nothing but furniture refinishing and home improvement, I’m finally sitting down to write-up the posts. I think I counted 17 completed projects that are ready to share. Looking forward to getting your thoughts on the first couple…

Snowbound | The Chelsea Project |
Frugal Living

Snowbound with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, A thousand apologies for being a day late posting Frugal Mommas. My site had a couple of operational hiccups yesterday, but everything was resolved by late last night. We were also in the path of the first big snowstorm of 2017, but…