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Closing Out January with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, A thousand apologies for this post arriving late. I just missed it. Pure and simple. In other news, today I was at Trader Joe’s and just couldn’t help taking a few photos of these colorful flowers. Their presence was nothing less than…

Frugal Living

Back to Work with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, After two full weeks of nothing but furniture refinishing and home improvement, I’m finally sitting down to write-up the posts. I think I counted 17 completed projects that are ready to share. Looking forward to getting your thoughts on the first couple…

Snowbound | The Chelsea Project |
Frugal Living

Snowbound with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, A thousand apologies for being a day late posting Frugal Mommas. My site had a couple of operational hiccups yesterday, but everything was resolved by late last night. We were also in the path of the first big snowstorm of 2017, but…

Frugal Living

Happy New Year from Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends. Happy New Year.  Interesting that I chose to open the new year with fresh flowers, but there’s a method. I promise. The truth is that these flowers have the perfect message to help us get this new year off to a great…

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Old Fashioned Christmas with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, Lately there’s been a lot of chatter on the internet about Christmas decor. For some, Christmas is all about showcasing the latest hot trend. Go through their home tours and there’s absolutely nothing red or green. And a poinsettia? Forget it! But…

The first day of Christmas | The Chelsea Project |
Frugal Living

The First Day of Christmas with Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, How is Christmas looking around your house? Is it just beginning or are you in full swing? We have touches of Christmas here and there, but in the South, we enjoy an extended Fall.  This means that the leaves are spectacular during…

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Black Friday Shopping with Frugal Mommas

Happy Black Friday Friends, It’s hard to believe that we are now in a countdown to Christmas!  And I just heard on the news that about 25% of shoppers will make the majority of their purchases online.  If you are an online shopper, Frugal…

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HomeRight Giveaway and Frugal Mommas

Hello Friends, A gentle reminder that the GIVEAWAY for three HomeRight Paint Sprayer products is now closed.  Please also be reminded that a Wine Cooler or Beverage Refrig (your choice – $800 value) GIVEAWAY is open until 11-30-2016.  Click here to enter the Refrig…