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Happy Father’s Day + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, And Happy Father’s Day to all of our dads! Hope everyone has a wonderful day of joy and celebration.  It’s quiet around our house as the Hubs is traveling on business. The boy and I may grab some food later, but otherwise…

Oak Leaf Hydrangea | The Chelsea Project |
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Searching for Hydrangeas + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, How are your hydrangeas doing this year? Do you have some in bloom right now? For me, there’s sad news. We had a late frost in March that killed every single bud on my bushes. It’s the saddest thing ever, so I’ve…

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May Flowers + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, This year, I’m super late getting my flowers planted in both the beds and the pots. In fact, I’m concerned if I’ll make it at all. To this end, I have a favor to ask. If you have pots and/or beds planted…

Rain on a pink lily | The Chelsea Project |
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Happy Mother’s Day + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends and Happy Mother’s Day! Yesterday, I got caught in a rain storm at Home Depot. When it slowed to a sprinkle, I went out to snap a few pics of these sweet lilies. Yes, I got wet. And yes, my phone (don’t…

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April Showers + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, Last night, we had one of those amazing, Southern-style storms. Lots of pounding thunder, a little lightning, and pouring rain. It was a gully washing kind of rain. The kind that floods are made of. But this morning is quiet and beautiful. Exactly…

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Happy Palm Sunday + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, Just stopping in to say Good Morning and Happy Palm Sunday. After a week of horrific storms here in the South, the tranquility of this morning just cannot be expressed. It’s just too wonderful. Wishing you a blessed day and a glorious…

Vintage Spring Tablescape by
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Spring Tablescapes + Frugal Mommas Linky

Hello Friends, On the blog today, we have tablescape ideas for Spring and the weekly Frugal Mommas link-up party. I am so thrilled to share the amazing work from a couple of sweet blogger friends who are kindly helping me get a post up…